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Bruce Weber Photographer Discusses Few Lighting Setups for Fashion Photography

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Setups for Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is an extremely exciting field for any professional photographer, and also has a lot of job prospects. After all, starting from online apparel stores to major fashion brands, all of them would need to efficiently showcase their outfits. Many talented individuals have made their name in this field, Bruce Weber Photographer is one of them. As clothes are the most important part of fashion shoots, the lighting needs a bit different setup than a typical shoot.

Bruce Weber Photographer talks about popular lighting techniques used in fashion photography

Natural light is the most affordable lighting tool available to a photographer. However, rather than shooting outdoors, they can simply use a large window or a window shade to better control the light and setup. Photographers need to make sure that their window is large enough and level with the model or clothing. If the window is too low or high, it might cast odd shadows and shall not properly light the outfits. If the window is too large, then too much light would come inside and ruin the shoot. Alternatively, not having enough light will result in dark images.

When using window light, the photographers would also have to make sure that they have an appropriate background. Dark colored backgrounds should be avoided, as they may wash out the hues of the outfits to be showcased. A tripod would be needed to keep the camera steady while using natural light. It will also be smart to have the shutter speed set low to help absorb all of the light.

Using a single light would be a good way to have control of the lighting in the shoot, without spending too much money. Natural light can be quite unpredictable and cannot be perfectly controlled. Using a single light allows photographers to shoot when and where they want, without having to depend on window position or daylight. When using such light setups, one should have their camera facing the model directly, and have the light at a 45-degree angle to the model. The light must be up high so that it angles downs a bit on the model and does not cause shadows.

While using a single or double light setup, one should keep their photography background in a solid color. If the light casts an unwanted shadow on the background, they can try to get the model to move forward, away from the background. If the photographer has light with multiple settings, the safe option would be to set it to a medium setting.

If a single light is not enough or the photographer wants their images to really pop, they can always get a second light. The second light should be closer to the model and lower than the first light, also at a 45-degree angle. This light can be helpful in defining the contours of the clothing. Industry experts like Bruce Weber Photographer are well-versed with diverse lighting setups, and often experiment with them to get attractive outcomes.

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