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The maintenance contract: why is it so important?

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home maintenance contract

Once accepted and signed, the estimate will turn into a contract that the craftsman or the company will have to honor . It engages both parties.

Depending on the legal obligations and the type of equipment, once the work has been completed, the professional may also offer a maintenance contract to ensure the proper functioning of the installations installed and the safety of users.

A maintenance contract is an agreement that will oblige the craftsman or the company to take care of the maintenance of the equipment on a regular basis, according to the conditions provided for in the contract.

During the visits, the craftsman will check the proper functioning of the equipment, the settings, the wear of the parts, ensure the cleaning, etc.

The maintenance contract, like any service or sales contract, must mention the following elements:

1. Mandatory maintenance contracts

There are different models of maintenance contracts for boilers. They vary according to the mode of operation and according to the type of dwelling.

On the other hand and in all cases, the maintenance contract is compulsory. The various boiler maintenance contracts include:The maintenance contract for boilers for domestic use using gas fuels: it is essential to call on a professional for the maintenance of gas boilers. It will carry out cleaning and control actions.
The maintenance contract for oil boilers: as with gas boilers, a professional must be called in. He will also carry out cleaning and inspection actions as well as maintenance of the burner (part allowing fuel combustion) and filters.
The maintenance contract for pellet stoves and inserts: more ecological and less expensive compared to other types of boilers, it also requires annual maintenance. The professional will take care of the cleaning, but also the control of pollutant emissions.

    Checks not to be omitted

    All boilers whose power is between 4 and 400 kW are subject to annual maintenance according to the decree of September 15, 2009.

    The decree also indicates that during the maintenance visit, the craftsman or employee must:

    measure the level of carbon monoxide emitted
    assess the level of energy and environmental performance of the boiler
    check for abnormalities
    submit a detailed certificate containing the results of the measurements as well as some maintenance advice.

    The maintenance contract for heat pumps and air conditioning systems
    The need to take out a maintenance contract for heat pumps and air conditioning systems will depend on the cooling capacity of your heat pump or air conditioner.

    However, regular maintenance will ensure good air quality in homes.

    In this case, it is essential to have a maintenance contract in order to reduce the risk of breakdowns and maintain the efficiency of the device.

    The maintenance of air-to-air heat pumps requires more attention compared to geothermal models, since they are installed outside buildings. They then need regular cleaning and it is advisable to put protection over them in bad weather.

    Regarding the maintenance of geothermal heat pumps (Atlantic, Panasonic, Dakin, etc.), it is a question of checking that there are no refrigerant leaks. The fluid that is transported in the atmosphere will have an impact on the warming of the atmosphere.
    To avoid the risk of fire, regular maintenance (at least once a year) of the security and fire-fighting systems

    The elevator maintenance contract
    To ensure the safety of users, it is mandatory to subscribe to a lift maintenance contract. Maintenance should be done every 6 weeks.

    The town planning and habitat law of July 2, 2003 indicates that lifts must be kept in good working order in order to enhance user safety.

    Duration and termination

    The duration of a maintenance contract is variable. It is determined according to the needs and the type of equipment. However, as with insurance, renewal is generally done tacitly.

    To terminate the contract, the customer must send the service provider a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, at least two months before expiry.

    2. Optional maintenance contracts

    The maintenance contract for electrical installations
    An electrical installation that presents anomalies or is in poor condition involves risks, as it can cause fires, breakdowns or even electrocution.

    air conditioning systems

    In order to ensure the safety of users, it is important to carry out regular maintenance by carrying out electrical diagnostics. She allows to :

    By setting up regular checks, the customer will be able to avoid the costs of troubleshooting or replacing electrical installations as well as endangering users.

    What the law says ?

    The maintenance contract for mechanical ventilation (VMC) for collective housing
    Over time, CMVs accumulate dust and different types of pollutants. For the comfort of its inhabitants, the managers or trustees of the buildings must provide for a maintenance contract for the VMC. And that, once a year.

    By subscribing to this contract, the service provider will generally perform the following tasks :

    The water heater maintenance contract is not mandatory, but a lessor may require one when signing the lease, so that the tenant is protected against any risk of malfunction.

    The maintenance of the water heater that runs on gas is somewhat similar to that of gas boilers. It is therefore necessary to call on a professional who can carry out the cleaning as well as the necessary tests.

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