June 12, 2024

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Revature Sheds Light on the Value of the Right Career Opportunity

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Right Career Opportunity

Malcolm Gladwell, a prominent Canadian journalist, and author, started a global debate when he released “Outliers.”. In the book, he mentions that to perfect any craft, a person needs to spend 10,000 hours trying, failing, and ultimately learning. Even though a lot of people put emphasis on the prevalent themes of the book, including cultural influences, talent, and drive, there also is an underlying force at play: opportunity. Revature is a company that has been established to provide valuable opportunities to people interested in a tech careers. This company equips candidates with the training needed to gain employment in the computer/technology field.

Revature discusses the underemployment conundrum

Beatles had opportunities to play in front of huge crowds and hone their skills prior to becoming among the most renowned bands of the planet. Bill Gates created opportunities for himself by learning how to program, before being known as a “genius”. He also made use of his skills to meet the market needs. Getting the right opportunities and effectively using them is critical. One may go to college and put time in establishing their career in coding or technology, but still lack the opportunities that help them to progress on the path of success.

Initially, it may seem like opportunities exist in abundance in this world. After all, according to the projections made by the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, a significant growth in computer and mathematical occupations is expected. Unlike many other occupational groups, a large number of job openings in this situation will stem from growth than from the need to replace workers who leave the labor force or chance occupations. This may seem like a favorable situation, but the ground reality paints a different picture. Even though opportunities are there, a large group of IT and computer graduates do not get interviews as they lack the experience or the exact skills needed.

Hundreds of thousands of would-be tech employees around the United States are deferring their search and seeking immediate employment in industries, where barriers to entry are relatively lower. But in many situations, this “underemployment” does more long-term harm than good. As per a 2018 report on underemployment, underemployed recent college graduates earn less than $10,000 a year in comparison to their peers who work in typical entry-level jobs. Underemployment can lead to long-term financial damage for many, as underemployed graduates can get stuck in the rut of lower-paying roles over the long term. The situation might seem bleak, but there indeed are ways to explore employment rather than getting stuck amidst underemployment and unemployment. For people who have the desire to excel in the field of tech, but need an opportunity to display their skills, Revature can be the ideal partner. This company hires candidates who have the aptitude to learn, and works directly with the business community to identify technological skills gaps. These candidates are subsequently trained in advanced programming skills to address modern business needs. After the candidates complete their training, they are also provided with the right opportunity for employment.

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