June 12, 2024

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5 beautiful books to offer to a beauty lover for Christmas

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beauty lover for Christmas

Only a few days left before Christmas: because a book is always a good idea, here are 5 books on the world of beauty to slip under the tree this year.Christmas gift 5 beautiful books to offer to a beauty loverAll products featured on Vogue France have been independently selected by our editors.

What books to give a beauty fan as a Christmas present this year?

The fascinating story of the Guerlain house told through rare illustrations, photographs and archives, from the opening of the first store in 1828 until today. The opportunity to look back over two decades of olfactory creation, intimately linked to the aesthetics and effervescence of Paris.

Paris, capital of Guerlain

This box of two beautiful books is entirely devoted to N°5 , which is celebrating its 100th anniversary. The first traces everything you need to know about its creation and genesis. The second, its rise and how it has established itself as an olfactory icon over time. In short, the perfect Christmas gift to discover all the secrets of the myth, between the unpublished archives, the cult advertising campaigns and the celebrities who lent their faces to N°5, from Catherine Deneuve to Marion Cotillard via Nicole Kidman .Sister and discreet muse of Christian Dior , to whom he dedicated his first perfume, Catherine Dior is for the first time the main character of a book. Lover of flowers and nature, committed woman and figure of the resistance: all the facets of her story are revealed under the pretty pen of Justine Picardie , through an unprecedented investigation

Perfume lovers dictionary

What does it mean to “round off” a perfume ? What is an olfactory pyramid, or a leathery perfume? How did perfume inspire the work of Baudelaire or Dali ? Who are the noses that have marked history? Historian and perfume expert, Elisabeth de Feydeau answers all the questions we ask ourselves about the fascinating world of perfume, in this book designed as an alphabet.

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